Jim Gochis of Synergy Dental Partners and Richard Harrell sat down to discuss Premiere 1 Dental role in the Dental Lab market space. Richard discusses Premiere 1 Lab’s focus on customer service.

Episode 4 – Service


You nail down the quality, you nail down the efficiencies in the manufacturing, and the relationships and sourcing which allows you to focus a lot of attention on service?


I think you really hit the nail on the head. Service is really the differentiator. We have all dealt with a cable company, or IT company and we you off the phone just exasperated, right? And that’s after you’ve been transferred to 50 different departments, and you never get back to the person you originally spoke too. 

So coming back to our 80/20 principle – our ethos is that 80% of our time, effort, and resources are focused on service.


It’s really validating that the feedback that we get from our members about Premiere 1 Dental Labs is often around great customer service. Our partnership is fantastic in that anytime a problem arises, which I will say is rarely due to the quality and efficiences on your side, Premiere 1 Labs immediately actions a root cause analysis investigation. 

They ask all the questions – what is the issue, where is the issue, is it a problem in our lab or the dental practice, it is a problem in the quality of the scan, or the product being used and the timing – all of those important questions. Which when combined with the Synergy Team who are providing updates to the member, reassuring them that we’re on this and we’re going to get to a resolution, is fantastic. It’s not just about putting out fires, it’s a focus on mitigating further occurrences which is a beautiful thing. 


And we don’t just wait for feedback, we ask for it. Our team have just begun a process where every day we have a certain number of clients that we call. Rather than wait for their feedback, we solicit the feedback by asking them everyday ‘How’s it going?’.

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