Jim Gochis of Synergy Dental Partners and Richard Harrell sat down to discuss Premiere 1 Dental role in the Dental Lab market space. Richard discusses why relationships matter to Premiere 1 Dental Lab.

Episode 5 – Relationships Matter


What could be more valuable in a relationship than really understanding each other?

Our whole concept of building symbiotic or interdependent relationships is really about relationship building, getting to know each other, becoming dependent on one another and understanding what eachother knows, wants and does. 

We like to work with great companies and great people – it’s fun! And so relationships matter to us and we work to maintain relationships, which is particularly important when you’re in these periods of evolution. 

We just talked about the analogue impression, and our digital scanning for impressions. We got into it early on because we really wanted to understand how it worked, why it might not work etc. One of the really early observations we had was that manufacturers are driven by marketing. 

The marketing department will give you the ‘speak’ and the speak would say it’s going to make it faster, better and reduce remakes – all the things that it actually doesn’t do. Instead of managing expectations they were over promising and under delivering. 

We observed that the exact same problem that you can have with traditional analog impressions is what you can have in digital impressions – the site management. These cameras take great pictures of blood, saliva and soft tissue, but if you don’t manage the site you will get a bad impression. 

The difference with a digital impression is that you can see a poor scan immediately, it’ll come up on a huge screen magnified where you can spot if you’re missing information and retake the scan right away. Therefore, the huge benefit to a digital impression is the reduction of the waste of chair time cost. With a traditional analogue scan you’d have to wait days to find out about the issue, and even more time for the patient to come back in – but with the digital scan you can see it instantly and save about $1,050 in remake costs. 

But you know the manufacturer reps won’t tell you that, but a well-formed laboratory can educate you about these problems.

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