A great smile can light up an entire room; that is how powerful it is. A smile is also the first thing that someone will notice about your face. Therefore, it makes sense that many people are trying to achieve that perfect smile. There are several ways to achieve the ideal smile, and most people choose to go with orthodontics. Dental technology and procedures have become very advanced in the recent past. Orthodontics can be very powerful in helping you get a dazzling smile. The following are some of the latest trends in orthodontics that can help you have the perfect smile:

Smile Design Software
Many people only think about advances in hardware when they think about dentistry. However, dentists use quite sophisticated software today for various purposes. A recent trend in orthodontics is the use of smile design software. The software combines 3-D images and dental impressions to formulate various types of smiles the patient can achieve based on the treatment they choose. The smile design software will essentially simulate a smile and develop a customized plan for each patient. The software also presents an opportunity for patients to be involved in the treatment process by having a say in the results they would want in their smiles.

Invisible Braces
For decades, braces have been a common orthodontic tool and have delivered outstanding results, particularly for straightening crooked teeth. However, a recent development is the creation of invisible braces. Braces were traditionally made of metal because they were cheaper and more durable. On the other hand, they were visible, heavy, and obstructive, which made them unwanted by many. Hence the creation of invisible braces. These are braces that you can hardly see and allow patients to eat and drink whatever they please. They are also less painful and uncomfortable as compared to metallic braces. Invisible braces are made from transparent ceramics and are essentially self-ligating braces. They are effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, making them a popular orthodontic solution.

Temporary Anchorage Devices
Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) are tools used for dental surgery and are tiny screws made from surgical-grade titanium. They offer a secure anchor in the jaw bone to reduce unwanted movement in teeth. Orthodontists are mainly using them to control the movement of teeth inside the mouth, which is a practice they have recently adopted. TADs can be placed in the patient’s mouth in an easy and painless process, with only a topical anesthetic being necessary. The TADs can also be removed after treatment.

3-D Imaging
Part of using orthodontics to create the perfect smile is understanding what the issue with your smile currently is. Dentists will hence use every tool at their disposal to receive as much dental information as possible, including X-rays. The latest trend in dental X-ray imaging is 3-D Imaging produced by cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). 3-D X-ray images provide accurate measurements and information about a patient’s dentistry, allowing dentists to find the perfect way to improve their smile. The orthodontist can use the 3-D images to create possible treatment options for the patient that are very specific.

|Most advancements in orthodontics are meant to make the procedures less painful, more comfortable, and efficient. Propel is a technology that allows orthodontic treatments to happen much faster than they usually do.Propel is a non-invasive dental treatment that dramatically increases the speed of treatment without negatively affecting safety and comfort. It will stimulate the bone structure around a tooth to make putting them into position much easier and faster.

In conclusion, there are plenty of developments happening in the orthodontics industry. The trends above are only a fraction of the latest trends in the field. Patients have the chance to have quick, painless, and comfortable procedures that they never have before.

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