Jim Gochis of Synergy Dental Partners and Richard Harrell sat down to discuss Premiere 1 Dental role in the Dental Lab market space. Richard discusses the differences between domestic vs Global production.

Episode 7 – Data and Reporting

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I wanted to talk a little bit about the reporting that we get from Premiere 1 Dental Labs. We’ve been working with your team to develop a type of reporting that we felt was important for us on the Synergy side to understand: the performance of the lab, and our member activity. 

But there are two pieces of  information that I feel are very valuable, not only all of us but specifically for members. Aside from their activity, the product they’re buying, how much of it they’re using in a given timeframe, one of the most valuable pieces of information is the savings illustrated in your report.

It is great to understand and have validation that we, from a price perspective, are exceeding what the market deems an aggressive and competitive price. Having the savings illustrated is very important for the member. Our members get involved with a GPO for a number of reasons, but seeing those savings validates that they are with the right GPO and the right supplier. 

The other report that I feel is extremely important, and I know requires more human intervention and work to provide, is the percent of remakes in a practice. Whilst this is a trigger for all of us, Premiere 1 is usually the first one to take action and flag to the dentist that there has been an increased amount of remakes and launch an investigation into what is happening. 


The development of the statistical reporting, which actually has been a great modeling exercise that has impacted the entire business, was seeded here which we are very grateful for. It has been an eye opener and a key contributor to our own success.

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