Clear Aligners Market Overview

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the clear aligners market would grow at a rate of 22.09 percent between 2020 and 2027. (evaluation period). By the end of 2027, the global clear aligners market is expected to reach USD 7.41 billion.

Clear Aligner Market Trends

Given the rising occurrences of dental alignment disorders among adults and teenagers alike, clear aligners are getting a lot of popularity around the world. People’s growing knowledge of the need of dental care, as well as their increased spending on it, improves the global market. According to studies, the expanding female population is the primary driver of market growth, as women increasingly focus on improving their beauty and smile. Rising healthcare spending has resulted in improved service quality, while the increased use of novel technologies in the healthcare sector is also driving patients to orthodontic treatments.

In response to the rising number of dental problems, technological breakthroughs such as 3D impression systems, Nickel and Copper-Titanium wires, additive fabrication, CAD/CAM products, digital scanning technologies, incognito lingual braces, and clear temporary anchorage devices have exploded. Orthodontic therapy is now significantly more predictable, successful, and efficient than it has ever been.

Factors such as the high cost of clear aligners, the scarcity of qualified dentists in developing countries, and the absence of insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment will almost certainly work against the worldwide market in the coming years.

Clear Aligner Market Segmentation

Adults and teenagers are the age groups that make up the market segments. The adult age group is the most valuable of these, with an estimated value of USD 2996.59 Mn by the end of 2023. Meanwhile, the teen group is expected to increase at the fastest pace of 21.90 percent during the evaluation period.

Direct sales and distributors are two key distribution channels included in the MRFR study. In 2017, the direct sales distribution channel held the largest part of the global market, accounting for 78 percent. This sector is expected to grow at a rapid rate of 21.28 percent in the next years.

Region Overview

Because of the popularity of aesthetic dentistry and the availability of a variety of specialised services in the United States and Canada, America is expected to take over the worldwide market with the largest share in the next years. The region’s significant healthcare spending capacity per person, along with the increasing demand for advanced medical technologies, might propel the region’s market position. The fact that America is home to a large number of globally recognised companies that invest extensively in R&D further contributes to the clear aligners market dominance. Other positive aspects include rising public knowledge of dental health, a wide range of treatment options for tooth misalignment, and the emergence of new cosmetic trends in the region.

As a result of the region’s abundance of opportunities and the presence of a few fast-emerging countries, Asia Pacific has the potential to become the fastest-growing market. The region’s commercial growth is also aided by a boom in technological advancements in the healthcare industry and rising disposable income per person. Furthermore, increased government support for the healthcare industry in various nations will be beneficial to the clear aligners market in the next years. For example, the Indian government awarded the World Dental Federation 100 percent FDI in health and medical services while simultaneously lowering customs duties on all medical products, including dental devices. This created a highly favourable environment for the country’s market expansion.

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